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The only secure and compliant chat platform that allows firms and their employees to engage in persistent conversations with their clients anywhere

Trusted by 2000+ Organisations and Key Partners Worldwide

Our mission

Offer secure enterprise messaging for safe and compliant when it matters most: between staff, prospects, clients and partners. Qwil Messenger sets the bar high when it comes to data protection, usability, speed, reliability, and compliance.

Our executive team

We're a leadership team of digital natives with deep financial expertise, backed by notable investors from the financial services sector.

Peter Reading

Chief Executive Officer

Peter has almost 20 years experience designing and delivering technology-led change in the financial services sector.  He has gained deep expertise through a career that began in the 1990s at Andersen Consulting in Australia (where he led his first digital project), saw him deliver Barclays Wealth's online banking and cloud-based CRM solutions covering on-boarding (KYC/CDD) and sales management processes, to more recent engagements as an expert consultant for global financial services clients.

Nicolas Georges

Chief Technology Officer

Nicolas is a former investment banking quantitative strategist who has an exceptional capacity to architect and deliver sophisticated software solutions. His experience over the last 10 years spans large financial services firms (Societe Generale, BBVA, Nomura, Bank of America) and nimble FinTech startups. He is a hands-on technology leader with deep full stack knowledge as well as cloud (AWS, Azure) and mobile experience (iOS & Android).

Laurent Guyot

Chief Revenue & Financial Officer

Laurent brings extensive experience in financial strategy, marketing and capital raising as well as a significant network of financial services and insurance contacts across Europe. Over the last 15 years at Citigroup, UBS and most recently Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he has become a trusted partner to treasurers and CFO’s of the largest banks and insurance companies advising on their optimal liability structure and global financing strategies. He has a keen eye for financial detail and understands what it takes to build a strong financial business proposition and position it effectively to regulated institutions.

What our customers say

"We needed our own method of communicating with clients that we felt would not only work as intuitively as existing chat functions, but would give us additional confidence that both ourselves and our clients could communicate in an encrypted, secure and compliant manner."

"I now use Qwil for all my electronic communication with clients and prospects as it’s easy to track all our conversations and refer back to specific points we have discussed and the timing of them. I no longer have the issue of having to find that email you can never find when you need it most!"

"Qwil Messenger is like WhatsApp for financial and professional services. It is a product which we believe has significant potential to improve the engagement with clients."

"It is always a challenge in our industry to offer new technologies that are also robust and secure. It’s great in this instance that the hard work has been done for you."

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