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Qwil Messenger is uniquely solving the problem of making communication between staff and clients safe and compliant. The opportunity to replace insecure email is huge, organisations of all sizes and sectors are under attack.


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Work with our team to identify organisations that would benefit from Qwil Messenger internally and with their clients. We are looking for referral and reseller partners across sectors and geographies.

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Qwil Messenger is even more powerful when integrated with other solutions that help make staff more efficient. Build integrations and automation with our APIs.

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Partnerships are all about relationships. We’re all about helping each other grow through collaboration.

  • Use Qwil with your team and clients
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  • Flexible incentives

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What our customers say

"We needed our own method of communicating with clients that we felt would not only work as intuitively as existing chat functions, but would give us additional confidence that both ourselves and our clients could communicate in an encrypted, secure and compliant manner."

"I now use Qwil for all my electronic communication with clients and prospects as it’s easy to track all our conversations and refer back to specific points we have discussed and the timing of them. I no longer have the issue of having to find that email you can never find when you need it most!"

"Qwil Messenger is like WhatsApp for financial and professional services. It is a product which we believe has significant potential to improve the engagement with clients."

"It is always a challenge in our industry to offer new technologies that are also robust and secure. It’s great in this instance that the hard work has been done for you."

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